one minute survey -- allows adoptive families to advertise and connect with pregnant women. With over a million American families waiting to adopt a baby, we want expectant parents considering adoption to be able to find them all in one site.

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Find new owners for your pets. Adopt a pet. Connect with pet lovers. This app is for private adoption.

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Talk to a pregnancy counselor about your unplanned pregnancy. Pregnancy counselors can sign into this app to counsel women with unplanned pregnancies.

Unplanned Pregnancy is an app to help women with unplanned pregnancies connect to women's health clinics. Health counselors can reach out to pregnant women seeking counseling by sending chat requests and starting chats. Allowing pregnant women to talk to various clinics can help them evaluate their options and decrease their stress level. Counseling centers can help women make the right choice for themselves between adoption, abortion, or raising the child. In a pregnancy center, the women can get free sonograms and information about the development of their fetus. In a recent survey, 75 percent of women with unplanned pregnancies are open to speaking with pregnancy counselors through a mobile app.

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Adoptive families connect with adoption professionals, social workers, and adoption attorneys.

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Rent out extra rooms in your home. Ideal for situations where a child has moved out for college, or if you have additional rooms in your house you'd like to rent out.

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Need help with a quick favor? Have a few minutes to help someone out? Fast Favors is the app that lets you find or give help for your everyday micro tasks. A micro task is one that people don't mind doing for free, and don't mind doing for free. Get help with waiting in line, taking out your trash, picking up your packages, feeding your dog, watering your plants or anything that is quick and only takes a few minutes.

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Ask someone to reserve a place in line at restaurants without online waiting lists

Ask someone to mow your lawn for cheap

Survey link for pregnant women

Survey link for adoptive families